10 Facts you didn't know about Spider Man

10 Facts you didn't know about Spider Man

    5 Facts about spider man

    When you think about Marvel what is the first superhero that comes in your mind , I know it's spider-man of course because he's the most famous and iconic superhero of Marvel and there are many things in fact that you didn't know about spider-man but don't worry I'm here to tell you this all so let's get started but .

    number 1 spider-man created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and spider-man first appearance was in August 1962 in amazing fantasy issue number 15 and the fact is spider-man wasn't actually going to be a spite of base superhero Stan Lee actually wanted to base a comic on a fly or insect but then Stanley decided on a spider .
    Number 2 vitamin becomes the greatest example for a youngster because he was actually the first teen a superhero who wasn't an adult so I'd keep unlike warmachine Falcon Mordo etc whoa what are you looking at guys why you looking at me like that , hey I'm not a sidekick anymore now I'm a Captain America yeah but you used to be your sidekick now let's move further .
    Number 3 as you know spider webs are strong enough to hold anything like cars trucks and even trains / - you know spider-man's webs are strong enough to restrain Hulk and each other not and take that she's off after one all yeah you heard that right his webs God is out after one hour so now the biggest question of our child will just call solve that who the hell cleans the all the webs from the buildings . 
    Number 4 the correct way to writing the spiders name is actually spider-man with - Stan Lee especially plays the - to avoid confusion between spider-man and super nice name because without - spider-man and Superman looks similar in writing so comment down honestly how you write spider-man it's with - or without - and be honest .

    Number 5 spider-man's web is faster than a bullet in one situation spider-man managed to wear Bergen as trigger was pulled but before the bullet was sure wow this fact makes spider-man faster than flash and of course quicksilver .
    Number 6 you all know Michael Jackson right the king of dance and in 1919 he tried to buy Marvel just because he loves spider-man and he wanted to play a role for spider-man in movies but and that time it didn't happen but from that American former President Obama's favorite superheroes actually spider-man .
    Number 7 if you ask for a man's fan then you must know about Kraven the hunter he's a major we're enough spider-man during Ravens last and Spiderman was being buried alive but still spider-man managed to survive and come out after two weeks .
    Number 8 during an event in Fantastic Four issue 587 March 2011 the Human Torch appears to die fighting a horde of aliens from the other dimensional negative zone after the death of Human Torch spider-man join different thirsty for which called the Future Foundation at the time .
    Number 9 what if I ask you what is the weakness or sober man yeah I know you always say in second kryptonite kryptonite and kryptonite but say no to kryptonite what if I ask you what is the weakness of spider-man no it's not Mary Jane or ant-man Perriman main weakness is pesticide ethyl chloride and it drains all the power of spider-man .
    Number 10 who is the girlfriend of Peter Parker I know you all will say Mary Jane but did you know Peter has been with a numerous woman including Betty Brant Liz Allen in when Stacy Brad care and of course Mary Jane Watson no wonder why Uncle Ben said with power .
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