Best 5 cartoon series that you will definitely like

Best 5 cartoon series that you will definitely like

    Best 5 cartoon series

    Best 5 cartoon series that you will definitely like

    Here's to another great decade of original cartoons welcome to Cartoons Stories and today we're counting down our picks for the top 5 cartoon series for this list we're taking a look at the best Cartoon Network programs from 2000 to 2009 any tune from 2010 onwards is a list for another day jimmy fight victory .

    Number 1

    Transformers Animated we all know the transformers story the Autobots are fighting a seemingly endless war against the Decepticons with the war over the good guys must hide out on earth to keep the cons from getting their hands on the powerful Allspark so it's a good thing they've got an excitable little girl and her father to show them around earth transformers fans are split about this series with its cartoony designs and emphasis on comedies but others praise it for doing something different rather than a whole army of Autobots it focuses on five repair crew members and their human villains topped off with better character development for the bots and cons this series also has entertaining human enemies and past series references that any transformers fan can appreciate a robot with an organic mode .

    Number 2

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends sooner or later we all have to let go of our imaginary friends but never fear for they're going to a good home Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends that is from the creators of the Powerpuff Girls this C n favorite follows eight-year-old Mac and his best imaginary friend Laura garde Q kazoo or just blue as they make the best out of life and get into crazy shenanigans with the other Imaginary Friends blue can have a huge ego problem but he usually gets what's coming to him that helped fans fall in love with fosters and so did its mix of creativity comedic genius and well-crafted chaos what stop it .

    Number 3

    Batman The Brave and the bold will make the bestest team ever Joker and Batman fine Batman and Joker take top billing but why is it always me compromising for the sake of the act looking for a love letter to the Silver Age of DC Comics you won't find a better series than this one more lighthearted than Batman's last few incarnations this series has the Dark Knight teaming up with a different hero and occasional baddie every week to take on some of the biggest threats in the DC Universe with big musical numbers and mischief from bat-mite after all I'm your number one fan my fan the biggest this series is more campy and comedy focused and Batman fans are used to but let's not forget where our caped crusader got his start on TV plus the minds behind this series clearly did their homework fitting in plenty of heroes villains and comic book references that true Batman fans love I could use a gal pal I'm not giving up that easily batboy .

    Number 4

    Justice League Justice League Unlimited working together we saved the planet and I believe that if we stayed together as a team we would be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice with the conclusion of Batman and Superman Animated Series there's only one possible way to continue their heroic adventures with the Justice League that's right not just Batman and Superman but also Wonder Woman flash Green Lantern and many others come together to form the most powerful superhero team in the universe among friends United they will take on any threat to their world whether it's from old familiar foes or new unstoppable enemies and these seven heroes aren't alone in this fight the league is only getting bigger with the aid of dozens of other DC heroes even those from the future with plenty of action and heartfelt moments this is how you send off the DC Animated universe you're getting soft in your old age don't you have a tall building to go lead and the adventure continues .

    Number 5

    The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy bored hey I got an idea why don't we into the future that's always good for a laugh what happens when an idiotic little boy and a terrifying little girl beat the Grim Reaper in a limbo game and make him their best friend forever complete and utter chaos Billy and Mandy's friendship with Grimm mostly involves them abusing grim supernatural powers for their own personal pleasure whether he's satisfying Billy's goofy antics or Mandy's frightening and demanding nature along the way this surreal trio comes face to face with all kinds of bizarre people and creatures such as the goddess of chaos herself a deranged spectral exterminator unexpected hanna-barbera cameos and a surprise cartoon meetup trapped with two brats and surrounded by obscure humor all we can say is poor poor Grimm no I'm supposed to be her friend forever .

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