Learn 8 hidden characters in video games

Learn 8 hidden characters in video games

    Hidden characters in video games

    Learn 8 hidden characters in video games

    Welcome to Cartoons Stories characters from video games that are not hidden bosses you can battle against but rather are either obtainable or playable .

    Number 1

    Luigi Super Mario Galaxy forever the player to - Mario's player 1 Luigi typically isn't the focus of most main games in the long-running series particularly the 3d entries Super Mario Galaxy features the green clad brother usually needing rescuing from Mario however if the player gets the first 120 stars and then defeats Bowser the game is replayable but with the option of playing as Luigi instead the nervous plumber has several differences from his brother including higher jumps and a faster running speed he still has to rescue himself though we're not sure how that works .

    Number 2

    The tofu survivor Resident Evil 2 the Resident Evil franchise is usually pretty serious barring the occasional Easter Egg or infamously goofy dubbing but it's also home to one of the strangest hidden characters ever by getting an a-rank on any of the scenarios in the main game six times players unlock the tofu survivor a minigame where players control a giant piece of inanimate tofu as they attempt to reach an escape helicopter playing as a walking piece of food fighting off zombies with only a knife it's something that has always got to be seen to be believed this mode returns in the 2019 remake but this time there are multiple iterations of tofu each with different loadouts though this time he also has heavy-metal music so rock out .

    Number 3

    Bayonetta the wonderful 101 you wouldn't think that one of the most hyper-sexualized characters could have made it into a Saturday morning cartoons game like the wonderful 101 yet here we are and to think people were surprised when she made it into Super Smash Brothers appearing as Wonder Bayonetta complete with her signature pistols Scarborough Fair she is unlocked by way of cheat code after beating the main game or by completing all the achievements unlocking her also unlocks her closest allies Shawn and Rodon since the game isn't designed to be a one hero show .

    Number 4

    Dante beautiful Joe besides its titular star the beautiful Joe Ceres has a number of playable characters that can be unlocked however most of them are original creations one exception is Dante from The Devil May Cry series just like Bayonetta from the previous entry his inclusion is likely down to both franchises being created by Hideki Kamiya he's certainly theatrical enough to fit right in with Joe and company in order to play as Dante you simply need to complete beautiful Joe once with the catch being that he only appears in the PlayStation 2 version of the game .

    Number 5

    Cloud Strife Final Fantasy Tactics as the protagonists of Final Fantasy 7 arguably the most popular game in this increasingly inaccurately named franchise Cloud Strife has appeared in plenty of other games but we argue one of his best is in this tactical RPG through a very involved side quest the player is able to summon cloud as a playable character although he's suffering from amnesia how unusual for him while vastly underdeveloped compared to the rest of your party by the point you can get him his Limit Breaks are no joke so it can be worth it to spend some time catching him up .

    Number 6

    A t-rex need for speed too the second entry in this well-renowned for being able to race well any asset in the game as a car from an outhouse to a concession stand and log ya these choices make no sense which is also the more reason that a friggin Tyrannosaurus Rex top search choices mind you is legs don't animate which make him look more like a Thanksgiving Day Parade Float but how many racing games out there let you play as the king of the dinosaurs .

    Number 7

    Spider-man Tony Hawk's Pro Skater to this seminal skating game franchise has featured some truly amazing hidden characters but our pick has to go to spider-man the wall crawler is unlocked by getting 100% in career mode using a player created character Spidey's natural acrobatics lend well to skating and he has plenty of unique tricks several of which utilizes webs making for one of the most fun skaters to play as in the series also on a related note if spider-man does do whatever a spider can does that mean spiders can be pro skaters too .

    Number 8

    Drumstick Diddy Kong Racing Diddy Kong Racing is a wonderfully charming and fun kart racer filled with colorful animal characters however it takes some doing to unlock them all arguably the most memorable is drumstick a rooster considered one of the best racers on the island the game takes place on drumstick challenge the villain wizpig and was changed into a frog when he lost to unlock drumstick the player must have had at least 39 gold balloons and four gold trophies then the rooster turned frog will appear near the waterfall to change him back you need to run them over with drumstick restored you'll have access to one of the faster characters and can give the rooster an opportunity for a rematch .

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