Six great movies for kids that you will be fascinated with

Six great movies for kids that you will be fascinated with

    Six great movies for kids

    Six great movies for kids that you will be fascinated with

    You know that wasn't quite as amazing as we remember it shall we begin welcome to Cartoons Stories and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 kids movies that don't hold up for this list we're taking a look at movies we all liked as kids but are probably better left forgotten now that we're older .

    Number 1

    Babies date out ah here's a genius idea we rip off home alone only instead of an eight-year-old outwitting a couple of bumbling thugs we have a baby out with three even stupider thugs hey you couldn't wake up the baby don't get amazed I'm done rose well okay maybe that could be tolerable as a five-minute cartoon wait you want to stretch this out into a full-length live-action movie you guys are worthless are you insane apparently producer John Hughes and company were off their rockers I'm a banana thinking that anybody over the age of 1 would be amused watching an infant narrowly escape certain death as the bad guys and or recycled slapstick for 99 minutes .

    Number 2 

    Angels in the outfield angels in the outfield is like Field of Dreams if completely inept people made it the film stars Joseph gordon-levitt as a boy who prays to God for the California Angels to win the pennant God if there's God although it goes against Lord knows how many of his own Ten Commandments God sends several of his freakiest looking angels down from heaven to help the baseball team cheat it's misguided it's corny it tries way too hard to be inspirational kid season angel yeah you must that's the signal but at least the film wasn't bad enough to derail Gordon Levitt's career yeah of course it's lover .

    Number 3 

    Flubber it's a metastable compounds here in layman's terms if you're playing small amount of energy that liberates an enormous quantity of energy it's no secret that we're huge Robin Williams fans at watch Cartoons Stories that being said his comedic genius was wasted on some of the dumbest movies of our childhood the worst being flubber may I see your soul I need the bottom of your shoes Williams plays an absent-minded professor who invents a piece of stretchy green slimy matter he uses this CGI abomination to rig basketball games frighten little boys and neglect his fiance what about your wedding um and this guy is supposed to be our lovable hero in all fairness though flubber at least gave us Weibo the sexpot equivalent to Siri a little hot Sarah if dad ever finds out that we check Dunston hotel we be in big trouble .

    Number 4 

    Dunston checks in oh that's to come back here whenever the title character of a movie is an orangutan it's unlikely that anybody involved with the project will put in any effort whatsoever Joe listen I had a boy would you mind putting it in right about here that's okay though because showing an ape run amok in a hotel is all you need to sell a movie right one more thing my dollar maybe if the audience is under five but for everyone else you need to try a lot harder throw in actors that look embarrassed to be there lame slapstick and a cliched burglary plot and you've got yourself a genuine pile of monkey feces .

    Number 5 

    MVP most valuable primate what's worse than a comedy about an orangutan how about a sports comedy about a chimpanzee that leads a struggling hockey team to victory what if I got myself into a premise like that is so idiotic that it couldn't possibly exist but MVP most valuable primate is all too real and the film is every bit as painful as its cringe-inducing title not to mention boring oh I thought you're talking about my cousin Ernest the fact that the movie actually tries to work in subtle sentimental moments involving a dying old man and a little deaf girl only makes the experience more asinine his favorite food bananas raisin of two of you .

    Number 6 

    Super Mario Brothers last name Mario the Super Mario Brothers movie has about as much to do with the Nintendo game on which it was based as the et Atari game had to do with the movie on which it was based okay what's your name Luigi Luigi Luigi Oh Luigi Mario in 1993 the Mario Brothers were so big that the filmmakers figured they didn't have to cast Italian actors or make King Koopa look anything like a Koopa I must say we have a very exciting proposal a video game based on your many adventurers kids would just accept whatever they threw together some of us might have been suckered in then but now we all know that our princess definitely isn't in this castle Luigi Mario Daisy you gotta come with me I need your help what's wrong you're never gonna believe this before we try to forget our top pick here are a few honorable or in this case dishonorable mentions she's a bossy arrogant Mitchell ative Beverly Hills Chihuahua what is that son that'll be in every Airport along every highway crack my crack is gonna be shown at every Airport Oh son what gives you the right to show my crack in every Highway hey pop you is that all you got that's dollar mark well planty you've been moving on Richie Rich the richest in the world .

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