Top 10 Animations | It's really cool

Top 10 Animations | It's really cool

    Top 10 Animations

    Top 10 Animations | It's really cool

    They put the aw in adorable welcome to Cartoons Stories and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top ten cutest animated children in movies before we begin we publish new content every day , so this list we'll be looking at big screen kids with cute faces and great personalities we won't be looking at animal babies or children from TV shows since that's a list for another day but aliens and humanoids are a-okay .

    Number 10 

    Young Derek and young Odette the Swan Princess hello princess Odette I'm very pleased to meet you pleased to meet you Prince Derek these two grew up in some interesting circumstances with hopes of combining two kingdoms their parents force them to spend every childhood summer together and arranged for them to be married when they grew up the parents were hoping for a love connection but the two children hated each other at first they eventually fall in love but seeing them roughhouse as kids is all part of the charm Derek doesn't change that much over the years as even his hair stays the exact same but Odette goes from a feisty tomboy with freckles to well a swan princess .

    Number 9 

    Megamind may have better realized his plans for evil domination if he had just stayed a baby come on how could anyone say no to that face you guessed I didn't quite hear that last part but it sounded important Oh his cuteness comes from a bizarre combination of blue skin rosy cheeks and the biggest green eyes you've ever seen he's a pretty happy baby at first constantly giggling and cooing until his home planet starts falling apart that's when the sad little look on his face will break your heart oh it makes you want to snuggle that gigantic head of his to make him feel all better luckily I found a lovely little place to call home can we keep it .

    Number 8

    Kaylie quest for Camelot Kaylie grows up around the beautiful and idyllic kingdom of Camelot there she rides her little pony along the seaside with her parents listening to her father's stories tell me again why you became a knight Kaylie you've heard it a thousand times right away her zest for life is captivating and it's obvious that there are great things in store for the little girl you can practically see the love of adventure glowing in her bright brown eyes even after her father is killed that glow only gets stronger and she manages to keep her father's spirit alive even while doing farmyard chores .

    Number 7 

    Chihiro Oh Gino spirited away it's amazing Chihiro came out as good as she did considering her parents are a couple of pigs no seriously they get cursed while accidentally in a spirit world and are turned into animals such a hero goes through all sorts of trials in order to save them fortunately she is so caring and hard working not to mention determined that she makes people want to help her please give me a job don't start that again please I just want to work her kindness is so infectious that she has spirits throwing gold at her feet and she even attempts to befriend a witch her looks don't hurt either with rosy cheeks and that high ponytail with bangs look that will never go out of style you'll have to help your parents and I'll clue on your own use what you remember about them .

    Number 6

    Boss baby the boss baby who would have thought that a baby with the deep voice of Alec Baldwin could be so gosh darn adorable he wouldn't like to hear us say that but just look at those eyes and that nose in that dashing little suit look at him he wears a suit I know it's cute he's like a little man there are a lot of cute babies in this movie like a whole army of them but we just went ahead and chose the boss baby from the moment he came into the world he took charge and was a man with a plan there's just something about a grumpy scowling baby that's irresistible and refreshing so keep quiet stay out of my way well that's gonna be cutbacks .

    Number 5

    Make Uther cobby my neighbor totoro her encounters with the Giant Totoro aside may is one of the most realistic children on this list she gets distracted a lot wants to do everything her big sister does and has limitless curiosity she is a ray of sunshine and can find joy in every situation even when visiting her sick mom in the hospital her best feature is definitely her boisterous laugh which is completely contagious we also need to talk about that hair of hers pigtails really need to make a comeback because they're so adorable you're a very lucky girl she gets mad at me almost all the time and that's because you're always jumping around Satsuki . 

    Number 4 

    Denis Hotel Transylvania 2 he's about 10 percent kid and 90 percent hair Denis was born with a precious tuft of red hair that grew into a magnificent curly mane bigger than he is his cuteness is only amplified by all of the monsters around him and his bat form is amazing it's no surprise that Denis is super adorable whether you're looking at him as a baby or a five year old considering how cute his mama was when she was a little vampire with her little fangs and big blue eyes it's no wonder Papa Dracula is so protective lucky fella all the children in his life are just too much .

    Number 3 

    And marine all dogs go to heaven all I have is a picture in my mind how it would be if we together this little orphan had a really rough start in life but she's one of the most compassionate and sweetest girls you'll ever meet she has the ability to understand and talk to animals and they are her best friends hi mr. doe tail how are you today fine thank you she even manages to make raggedy clothes look cute especially that little yellow bow she wears it looks like she's wearing makeup with her rosy cheeks and dark eyelashes but that's all natural and her eyes will make your heart melt tragically Judith Barsi who voiced Anne Marie died before the movies release but her sweet voice lives on Charlie will I ever see you again sure sure you okay you know Copiah sound forever .

    Number 2 

    Ponyo ponyo we know this is our third studio ghibli film but Hayao Miyazaki just creates the most adorable kids on you Ponyo not only is one of the most endearing but also one of the most unusual Ghibli children since she is a goldfish princess you heard that right she's an itty-bitty fish princess she has a shock of red hair that sticks out in all directions with a feisty attitude to match Ponyo is a fish out of water who assumes her more human form using magic when she's away from the sea she hasn't spent much time on land so she's giddy at every new discovery and is always a little bundle of joy Ponyo will you hold the light stay here and I'll go get a towel before we reveal our cutest pic here are a few honorable mentions we won't forget about you together in Paris really oh grandma hmm .

    Number 1 

    Agnes Edith and Margaux the despicable me franchise there was no way we could pick a favorite out of these three since they're each lovable in their own way Agnes is a bundle of joy always ready to show love affection and appreciation for the fluffier things in life Edith is the tomboy of the group her constant sarcasm and dark sense of humor are hilarious and Margo is the oldest and leader of the group she makes sure her sisters are happy and she's always looking out for them actually we're going to have to skip the dance class today actually we can't skip the dance class today these three girls balance each other perfectly and are so endearing that they even managed to melt Gru's cold heart do you agree with our pics check out these other great clips from ms Cartoons Stories .

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