The best video games for children | PlayStation 3

The best video games for children | PlayStation 3

    Top 10 video games for kids

    Top 10 video games for kids | PlayStation 3

    A lot of parents out there think video games are too violent and I'm gonna have to agree with them on that one but that doesn't mean we shouldn't allow our children not to play them there are plenty of non violent video games out there available for kids of all ages the hard part is knowing where to look here's my top 10 kid-friendly video games for the PlayStation 3 .

    Number 10 

    LittleBigPlanet fun shall overcome' now this is actually two games in one brilli a puzzle platformer where you run around as Sackboy jumping and climbing on obstacles you move from one point to the next it's cute it's fun and the music has a Disney quality to it the other part of the game involves creating your own levels these parts might be a little technical for younger gamers not used to reading a lot of text on screen so some supervision might be required in that area other than that has a straight platforming game it provides character and charm .

    Number 9

    Disney Pixar brave an adventure game based on the movie of the same name you play as Merida as she battles against enemies with sword attacks and different elemental effects play single-player or with another friend in local co-op the game includes voice work from some of the original casts so fans of the movie will be in for a real treat .

    Number 8 

    Castle of illusion starring Mickey Mouse play as Mickey Mouse in this fun platformer as he travels inside the castle of illusion to save Minnie Mouse from the evil witch mizrabel the game provides a beautiful Disney inspired visuals with a wonderfully orchestrated soundtrack it's almost like watching a live Disney animated cartoon .

    Number 7 

    Disney Vault play as the Superdog bolt and penny in various missions based on locations featured in the hit movie you fight enemies using superpowers like the super bark and laser eyes .

    Number 6

    Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 with such high production quality it's almost like watching a movie play as woody as he tries to save the other toys from the runaway train or as Buzz Lightyear as he battles against Emperor Zurg it looks great it sounds great and for a children's game it plays great even adults would like this .

    Number 5 

    Ben 10 omniverse 1 & 2 need i say more 2it's Ben 10 definitely for kids who are big fans of the Ben 10 franchise play as Ben 10 as he transforms into various different aliens unlocked over a hundred combos and based villains from the hit TV show .

    Number 4 

    Monsters vs. aliens save Earth as only a monster can escape from the secret monster prison battle inside a giant robot take down a huge spaceship and more with visuals and sound based on the hit movie you can bash skate and use your way to victory with tons of unique monster powers play alone or with a buddy and cooperative multiplayer .

    Number 3 

    Disney Pixar Cars two in action racing game based on the film cars to choose from 25 different characters and race to become world-class spies battle and race other cars using high-tech gadgets and weapons I was quite surprised at how fun this game is bunny commentary coming from the characters and colorful courses help blend personality to this excellent racing title .

    Number 2

    Ben 10 galactic racing yes another Ben 10 video game and in my opinion the most fun it has almost a mario kart kind of feel to it except with Ben 10 characters it's fast it's fun and fans of Ben 10 will love it .

    Number 1 

    sonic's ultimate genesis collection a collection of over 40 classic Sega Genesis games what better way to introduce kids to video games than with classic titles like Sonic the Hedgehog and Ecco the Dolphin I think it's nice to show kids what games used to look like in the day the graphics might not be as advanced as the titles mentioned earlier but their enjoyment and fun cannot be denied alright guys those are my top 10 kid-friendly video games for the PlayStation 3 let me know if you agree with the list and let me know what games you play take care.

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