Top Video Games | Realistic Graphics

Top Video Games | Realistic Graphics

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    Top 10 Video Games | Realistic Graphics

    Soon you won't even be able to tell the difference welcome to Cartoon Stories each day we'll be counting down our picks for the top ten games with the most realistic graphics for more gaming videos check out our new spin-off Cartoons stories wibesite plays for in-depth reviews thoughtful video essays detailed character origins and insightful commentary Cartoons stories plays games smarter for this list we'll be examining games that push boundaries in the graphical Department whether the game has fantastic lighting or shadows vibrant textures or impeccable attention to detail if it looks photorealistic its eligible for this list we are focusing on realism here so even though games like the remade Shadow of the Colossus are breathtaking to look at they don'texactly look realistic so yeah .

    Number 10 

    Rise of the Tomb Raider as with every game on this list it's ideal to play them on a beast of a computer or an xbox 1x or ps4 pro with 4k screens when available rise of the Tomb Raider seriously benefits from math and while the game has incredibly lush jungles icy mountain peaks and boiling deserts there's no skimping on the smaller stuff either position the camera just right and you can see each thread in Lara's clothing if that doesn't impress you I don't know what will .

    Number 9

    Forts of Motorsports seven maybe it's because there's not a lot to render and maybe it's because you're going so fast but racing games always just look so good Forza Motorsport is no stranger to pushing those limits and it just keeps getting better and better with each iteration the cockpits here are photorealistic and the 4k capabilities make you feel like you're really there especially if you're lucky enough to play on a big screen seated in a comfy racing chair it's got drastically better lighting than the previous entries in the series too and the dynamic weather effects are perfect .

    Number 8 

    Call of Duty World War two thanks to the help of its real-life actors and performances this often feels like you're playing an interactive movie I mean it's about as fun too but anyway the dreary aesthetic of wartime is accompanied by graphics that make you feel like you're basically there participating um yay sarcasm aside though this place to the game strength as it really nails down the horrors of what it would be like to find yourself in a frantic war zone d-day in particular is a brightening experience on the flipside watching the sunrise the Ray's shining between the trees there's a lot of beauty to be found here too amidst the linearity and war of course .

    Number 7 

    The vanishing of Ethan Carter when a game has this much environmental storytelling you better hope that the environment holds up visually thankfully it does the game looked incredible upon release and now there's a Redux version utilizing the Unreal Engine 4 that really blurs the boundaries between the game world and the real one the foggy backdrop the mountains in the distance and the lake in between a halt take your breath away soon you'll never have to go outside again well that'd be good . 

    Number 6 

    The Last of Us remastered hey we love seeing despair and agony in HD while the last of us pushed the ps3 to its limits the ps4 allowed it to truly shine the character models and animations are still steps above many recent games and the contrast between these city environments and overgrown forest II areas really highlight the technology gone into the rendering vibrant and lush when it needs to be grim and desolate when the situation calls for it no matter where you are each location has a snapshot moment .

    Number 5 

    Grand Theft Auto 5 not only does the game capture the detail of the vibrant metropolis that is Los Santos but it also captures the feeling it's sprawling skyscrapers colorful individuals vehicles and wildlife are all fleshed out thanks to the powerful graphics engine here the weather effects an array of different biomes each convey their own atmosphere - whether you're taking a stroll along the beach engage in a furious firefight fly in a plane to take in the view or inspecting garbage on the street it all just looks phenomenal .

    Number 4 

    Battlefield 1 it's no doubt that 6510 man that frostbite engine is seriously no joke from foliage to crumbling buildings there's no still left unturned every aspect of battlefield 1 gets full attention the lighting in particular though is something to marvel at if you can put your gun away and just look at a cliffside or an open expanse you might have to do a double tape it's a game full of destructible environments - so the explosions have to look good and boy did they ever fire and particle effects in general fill the screen at times obscuring your vision and blinding you horrific aliy in the prettiest way possible .

    Number 3 

    Assassin's Creed origins holy mother of draw distance origins already passes the test of realism based on how far we can see in the gamer alone it sets a new standard for open-world games the fact that this game is set in a different era - and that it has so much detail is an outstanding achievement in design sailing on the water and watching the sunlight reflect on the surface is mesmerizing factor in the sand blowing in the wind and the shadows looming over the cobblestone steps in origins does an expert job of making you feel like you're really in ancient Egypt bow before your king egyptian .

    Number 2 

    Uncharted for a thief's end usually when a game has environments as big as what we've seen in a thief's end something's gotta give to be able to render it all at a steady framerate usually it's the textures but uncharted 4 has some of the best texture seen in a video game and it looks especially immaculate in 4k as with the last of us Naughty Dog doesn't skimp on the details dusty areas leave marks where you go mud is kicked up and left on your shoes and weapons and truthfully there's not just one thing we can pinpoint to give the game praise it just does everything amazingly .

    Number 1 

    Project cars to my father going out to race real cars when you can just play this game it basically takes photorealism to the next level the textures are vibrant the environments are picturesque and all the cars look exactly like their real-life counterparts the dynamic weather effects also add variety to what we're seeing on screen we rain from all the world of detail the snow can give you a shiver and night makes us lean a bit closer to see where we're going but that just demands that you appreciate the game's lighting in shadows it's all a testament just to how realistic project cars to looks .

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